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Temple – Deluxe Edition

Ribbon Music / Domino - distribuzione Self - 29 ottobre 2021

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down?annuncia

Temple – Deluxe Edition
in uscita il 29 ottobre su Ribbon Music / Domino

Pubblica il video per “Marrow” –?GUARDA QUI

Condivide “Marrow – Strings Version” –?ASCOLTA QUI


Today,?Thao & The Get Down Stay Down?announces the?October 29th?release of?Temple – Deluxe Edition?via Ribbon Music. The LP is a digital deluxe version of her latest album, 2020’s?Temple,?featuring?acoustic and string arrangement versions?of?Temple?tracks “How Could I,” “Marauders,” “Marrow,” and “Temple.”

With this news, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down have released?“Marrow – Strings Version”, and revealed a video for?Marrow,”?directed by Linda Green. The clip narrates the song’s story of a woman compelled by love to heal herself so she can be a better partner.

Thao notes,?“‘Marrow’ is a declaration, an apology, a release, and a love song. Until the album Temple, I had not explored nor cultivated the gift and the right of the pure love song, due to many external and internal barriers to me being fully out in my career. I wrote it just before my partner and I got married in late 2019. I knew from the beginning that “Marrow” would close the album; I knew I would need it to punctuate an end and more importantly, a beginning. I am so thrilled for “Marrow” to have its own visual life. Shooting this video helped anchor me even more in the love and resolve that propelled “Marrow.” Endless thanks to director Linda Mai Green and her fantastic team for giving me the opportunity to physically do what I have been trying to figuratively get at for so long: destroy artifice and defense and false altars, tear away shame and guilt strip by strip, and to be light and free enough to join my life and love, already in progress.”

Watch Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s new video for “Marrow” here.?
Listen to “Marrow – Strings Version” here.?

Thao is currently on the road in the US as support for?Julien Baker. Next month, she will be performing on The Lantern Tour alongside?Emmylou Harris,?Steve Earle, and others with proceeds benefitting the Women’s Refugee Commission.? All dates are listed below.

Around the release of?Temple, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down performed a?session for?NPR’s Tiny Desk?which was partially the inspiration for the forthcoming?Temple – Deluxe Edition.? Further, Thao recently landed on the cover of?The New York Times’ T Magazine?as part of their?“The Asian Pop Stars Taking Center Stage” feature. They note, “Temple is Nguyen’s fifth album, and the first to bring her family background to the fore. ‘I had never addressed it in my work because I had never addressed it in my life,’ she says. When Asian American organizations approached her to perform, she turned them down. She didn’t want to acknowledge her sense of shame about her background. ‘It’s so hard to admit that you’re not above that,’ she says.”?

This same sentiment was echoed in the short documentary?Nobody Dies?that Thao made about her first visit to Vietnam. Initially released in 2017 on PBS, it was made available for streaming on YouTube last October for a limited time. In an essay for?The Talkhouse?accompanying the online release,?Thao says, “I came up in music at a time when emphasizing my ethnicity all too often meant being reduced or distilled to it, or offhandedly dismissed because of it, so I avoided my ethnicity as best I could. Avoiding it became a bad reflex. Fifteen years in,?Temple?is the first batch of songs wherein I acknowledge and honor my heritage.”

As much as?Temple?is about being proudly Vietnamese, it is also the story of Thao’s coming out as queer. In the same essay for Talkhouse, she says, “One evening in Saigon, after a family gathering, my mother said to me, quite out of nowhere: ‘You have to understand for yourself what it means to be free. You have to learn for yourself why a million people would risk dying at sea. What is it about freedom. I can’t do that for you. You have to learn for yourself.’…I remember wondering what that would mean for me, if I’d ever have the occasion to truly consider and learn what it meant to be free. This moment, four years later, became the heart and bones of the lead single ‘Temple,’ and thus, the entire album.”?Thao also appeared on the?Under the Radar?Podcast?discussing how she came out publicly as queer around?Temple’s release, as well as how she is finally coping with the racism and homophobia she experienced growing up.

Thao’s groundbreaking video for “Phenom” was featured on?CBS?Sunday Morning’s “Sunny Awards” and?The Washington Post?labeled it?“the first great Zoom music video,”?while?Variety?called it a?“brilliantly creative use of technology and choreography.”

Temple – Deluxe Edition?is available to pre-order digitally?here.



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